Are you a narcissist?

Do you boast or excessively admire yourself? If so, you may be a narcissist. Psychologists refer to excessive boasting as self-gossip. You may not be aware of your low self-esteem. The good news is that gossiping increases self-esteem for narcissists AND non-narcissists (individuals who are aware of their low self-esteem).

What is your level of narcissism and how much do you gossip about others?

One thought on “Are you a narcissist?

  1. Well, I waited over 20 years to tell this story! I used to work with someone who was a HUGE gossiper–and, yes, she had low self-esteem and, by her own admission, she was envious of what she perceived as my confidence (Little did she know–I just never did let anyone see me sweat.)

    One day she pranced into my office and sang, literally sang: “I know something you don’t know….” I’m sure I was tactful so as not to hurt her feelings, but I’m almost positive, in my mind I was saying…”and I’d care about this because….”

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